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About the Centre of New Directions

The Centre was founded as The College of Psychotherapeutics in 1958 at White Lodge (near Tunbridge Wells, Kent in England) by Ronald P. Beesley (1903 - 1979).

Ronald Beesley was a practical mystic. A man well ahead of his time.
His work and example pioneered the principles and practice of Spiritual Psychotherapeutics in education and healing, business and health systems.
Ronald Beesley lectured, taught widely and published many books. His students were drawn from every walk of life and from many countries.
He researched the use of Light, Colour and Sound for healing. He worked with Colour especially as a therapy for Distant Treatment.
His aim was to facilitate the safe awakening of intuition and deeper awareness in response to the challenges and changes of our times.

In 1991 the College became The Centre of New Directions whose work builds upon the foundation establishes by Ronald Beesley.
Our Concept is of a 21st Century Community Centre active locally, nationally and with worldwide associations.

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