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Colour Therapy

The CENTRE OF NEW DIRECTIONS is an educational charity originally founded under the name COLLEGE OF PSYCHO-THERAPEUTICS in London in 1950 for the study of metaphysical therapy and esoteric philosophy. This includes research into diagnostic information carried within the human aura, from which has been developed a system of' colour therapy, diagnosis and treatment which distance actually enhances, especially in those areas of the earth more magnetically charged than others. These treatments are, with perseverance, able to penetrate into the areas of disturbance and conflict created by Man, such as wars, etc. and may be applied world wide.

Studies of the magnetic and gravity fields of the body have led to the discovery of other more subtle levels of energy which can affect human consciousness and behaviour. These levels or planes include the Chakra system - the energy source from which the body maintains its rhythm, balance and continuity. Thus it is possible for the energies of higher consciousness to feed, nourish and sustain the physical body on the physical, third dimensional plane on which we live. Colour acts as a conveyance or carrier wave for these energies

A tremendous amount of work has gone into the research and establishment of our Distant Colour Therapy programme over many years from the early 1950's. It was the breakthrough, using the Tibetan method of proxy treatment using images, which R.P. Beesley was able to adapt following his visit to H.H. the Dalai Lama in the early 1970's, which enabled us to set up this world wide communication.

As the therapist projects physical light on to the images and links to the recipient so the healing influence is brought to bear on the subtle levels of their being.

Much research work is still being done in this field and the feedback from our experiences is proving very valuable. We intend to go much further and deeper into this remarkable therapy which uses colour, prayer, devotion and a spiritual atmosphere of communication. We are sure it can and will play a very important part in the future of the human family.

This remote type of' therapy is diagnosis and treatment at a distance, with often immediate results which give great impetus to the work of healing. We have screens with parallel and horizontal lighting which use the outlines of the human body and the necessary framing of the auric structures. We can also focus on the Chakras and magnetic energy centres. This enables us to utilise the magnetic and gravity fields as areas for radiation, diagnosis and treatment.

Because the physical body is there to see and touch and to feel compassion for, we tend to forget the other more subtle 'bodies' which are not visible to the eye. We think of the physical as the most important if not the only 'member' involved. In point of fact it is the least important if only because it is mortal and will eventually die. The other structures are essentially immortal and carried through all eternity. It is to these levels that we pay close attention, the physical then benefiting when harmony is restored within the other levels of consciousness.

Increasingly now we are making use of computers to give us more power and flexibility in the way we use the colour imaging. It also helps us give prompt service so we hope you are able to make your application through this web site as explained below.

Research is currently underway to extend the system to allow the use of three dimensional imagery.

The fact that people already suffering from disease find this therapy helpful rather leads to the thought that it is only for the sick. On the contrary, there is no member of the human race who would not benefit from colour therapy as practiced here at our centre. An annual treatment is recommended. Please contact the centre if you would like more information or you wish to discuss your treatment with a therapist.

Distant Colour Treatment is given for a period of 14 weeks. The link is formed at an agreed time on the same day in each of these weeks. Days and times may be freely chosen by the recipient to suit their schedule. The chosen time is the specific time for colour projection. The projection adjusts to individual time preference within the specific time zone. ie wherever you are in the world the treatment times and days stay the same. During the series work is also carried out during sleep state so on the nights of projection we ask you to retire early. Please allow an hour to prepare for, receive and relax after the session.

Application for Distant Colour Treatment may be made over the internet through the submit request link below. Using this method ensures that treatment can commence without delay. Alternatively you may phone the centre on +44 1892 750634 (fax +44 1892 750531) or email. Applications will normally be processed on the following weekday. Please make allowance for weekends and bank holidays.

Submit request for Distant Colour Treatment.

Complimentary to the Distant Colour Therapy is the Emergency Colour Support. This is meant to be for acute situations (not necessarily medical) where 'being held in the light' is appropriate. Help is not on an individual basis from a dedicated colour therapist but the situation or condition is held in the colour atmosphere to invite and encourage the influence of higher subtle energies. The process is akin to the Distant Therapy and operates by the same principles but without the personal attention of a therapist. Support is given initially for a period of six weeks and may be extended by further applications. Requests may be made from the web page using the link below or telephone / email as above. There is no charge for this service but donations are very welcome.

Submit request for Emergency Colour Support

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