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Dear Friends,

We observe in these times through the activities of many Spiritual Schools, the penetration of higher light frequencies entering deeply into the fourth dimensional karmic matrix. This suggests that the nature of our astral-body state is being updated. And with this at the etheric and cellular level, the vital life frequency is being raised.
It is certainly good for the immune response and a higher natural level of health.
The psychic circulation that links the dimensions is undergoing the cleansing of a profound historical nature. In consequence the educational and healing activities of the Inner Schools are able to be more active during sleep state.

With our Friends in many countries, the aim is always to support and encourage the work of each other. This covers a wide spectrum of pathways of service. The network that opens spontaneously through this encourages an inspired yet common-sense perspective into social structures and their challenges. Overall, I believe, we are sharing a time of preparation for the raising of the octave of existence.
It is not so much dramatic as in holding the focus of the sense of purpose sufficient that the immeasurable side of the work can happen.
Each Facilitator and every Student will be experiencing this. The self-work and studies over years in their many and various ways is the foundation - and I feel that our response to the Inner Teachers is more creative than ever.
Recently, with Elisabeth Bond from Switzerland, we took part in a Soul School. The experience was managed through the Forum of the Buchhandlung im Licht (Bookshop of Light) from Zurich and held in a beautiful Conference Centre in south Germany. Participants from five countries joined in the theme 'Echoes from the Future'. We shared in an expanding of the horizons of inter-dimensional relationships - and now need to allow its integration into everyday living.

Worldwide generally we feel the network of 'light-centres' active quite spontaneously and without a need for organising in an outer form. More there is a subtle teamwork that makes sense 'a wavelength away' as we are aware of one another.
Each Colleague and Student in his or her link to many others within the full scope of their lives becomes a light-point within the sparkling network.
There is a 'universal language center' in the mind where on the subtle levels, communication flows and experience and ideas are exchanged.

Later this year we aim to create a White Lodge World page to share the interesting activities of all the Centers with whom we work.
Well, it is already happening in the subtle sense and now we want to bring it a little more into the everyday and then open it to your feedback.
We all join to wish you a rewarding and joyful summertime (north of the equator!) and with much love and light,

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