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Letter for January 2017

by Peter Goldman

Dear Friends,

We pass through crossroads in time as we enter a new solar revolution on our planetary spaceship.
The past year has brought to the surface deep subconscious shadows from unfinished business within the history of mankind as if ancient battles between light and dark are surfacing, challenging values and inviting courageous choices. Is this all new or does history lay down its shadows parallel to all the plans being prepared within the workshops of the Soul? Divine right order is creation in action. Karma is not mechanical or literal. Soul light frequencies work always upon the level at which consciousness can respond within mind to bring all of life forward together.
The stress of uncertainty and a world culture of information instantly available on every topic expose our rational/emotional experience to great psychic pressure. Life happens within the extraordinary experience of all and everything being part of a whole. Belonging is an immediate that is continuous within the living moment.
What is so interesting in current times is the coming online of the ‘sleep-state project’ of the ‘Inner School.’
Spiritual Psycho-therapeutic Teaching and training work over many years has always included linking each student to the ‘Inner School’ on the higher dimensions so that the classroom of everyday living may take over from the seminar and workshop.
The value and success of this within the development of the heart/mind brain has allowed the soul relationship within our life to inspire us and bring through higher life insight and experience more and more.
The point now is in the value of sleep-state experience and opportunity that is becoming the focus in working with interdimensional receptivity that is opening up.
We appreciate how as the body sleeps; consciousness arises into the higher dimensional levels within the garment of its astral or 4th dimensional garment. Our sleep-state is a period of preparation for the day and times to come. In the Colour/Light Therapy Work, sleep-state is often used in this remarkable and gentle approach to healing.
This time can also be used for education and training within the deeper levels of consciousness. Sleep-state preparation is ‘uploaded’ into memory to be drawn down into everyday thought through the attraction of the unfolding events of day-to-day needs.
None of this is controlling or conditioning. It does not override freewill. A pathway is opened within the attraction and curiosity within the ‘State of Being’ of the individual. Horizons of awareness expand the individual contributes through the teamwork of like minded originality as part of the path of service. Life maintains itself on many levels of simultaneous experience. Sleep-state learning will become a way of continuous education and a really exiting use of our life and time will emerge.
Each student will need to manage the rhythm and balance of their own life. Daily quiet times for prayer and meditation and inner reflection will be important. Gradually the sense of mind relationship to spiritual direction will come into flow naturally and easily.
A sense of remembering through the significance of harmonic resonance will allow higher dimensional and past life awareness to open. The appreciation of the impulses of history within the present will emerge.
So much within healing is tuned to the constant flow of information. The flow of self-healing information from the Workshop of the Soul will diminish dependence on pharmaceutical medicine. Awareness of the man/nature and the planet partnership will open spontaneously as children reach puberty and choose their life directions. Mankind will remember the sense of planetary family. Many of the forms of self-harm and addiction will lose their control.

Moving into new styles of living will is reflected into whole-brain living. The project of evolution through many lifetimes will have a new foundation of health and contentment. There is much to look forward to. The sleep-state education project will dissolve the barriers of prejudice and ignorance. There will be great joy in the schools of love and compassion and those dedicated hearts within their systems of belief.

We all join to wish you a New Year filled with great spiritual adventure and discovery. We would love to hear your stories as the new seasons unfold.
With much love and light from all of us at White Lodge, The Centre of New Directions,

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