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Pamela Blake-Wilson

Pamela Blake-Wilson
Colour Director

Pamela Blake-Wilson is an international facilitator of Light and Colour Workshops.
Pamela has been involved with Colour Therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy for the past twenty-two years.
She studied at The Centre of New Directions (Kent, England) and is currently the Colour Director at the Centre.
Ronald P. Beesley (1903 - 1979) Founder of the Centre, researched into Light, Colour and Sound and developed the Colour Distant treatment Programme.
This inspired Pamela in the design of her Light and Colour Workshops.

Through the Distant Colour work, Pamela became aware of the healing vibrations of Light and Colour through its application to many people with every conceivable kind of condition and problem.
She observed the different frequencies of Colour and the power of Love affecting a change in consciousness within the individual, supporting healing through the different levels.
Pamela's work is with Soul Awareness and the Healing power of Colour to bring into natural alignment individual spiritual attunement and creative potential. This awakens intuition through the heart and opens life to the language of the Soul.
Pamela says “Colour creates a response to life, to beauty, to the senses and to a rhythm of life which has yet to be appreciated and understood. Colour integrates mind, body and spirit - heaven and earth. Colour teaches us to live interdimensionally and in a more united and holistic way”.

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