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Peter Goldman

Peter Goldman ND, MRN
Director of Centre of New Directions

Under the Direction of Peter Goldman, the original College of Psychotherapeutics became in 1992 the Centre of New Directions. Peter qualified as an Osteopath and Naturopath in London in 1963.

He studied with Ronald Beesley from 1965 and worked intensively with him until his passing in 1979. Peter was part of the original research into the therapeutic use of Light and Colour as a Distant Treatment Programme.

For over 20 years now, Peter has been teaching and lecturing internationally on the philosophy and practice of Spiritual Psychotherapy. He has developed and is teaching an approach to Sound Therapy using the harmonics of Musical Tuning Forks.

Peter's aim is to work with healing through the consciousness and to support the awakening of interdimensional awareness and whole brain living.

His special interest is in research into the subtle properties of light, colour and sound and their place in education and medicine in the 21st Century.

Peter Goldman is currently working on a series of handbooks in support of the student opening to the interdimensional potential of Colour, Light and Sound.

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